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Banjos and Bison

gord-bisonCombine a true North American safari on the Wild West Side of Prince Albert National Park with your choice of two of Canada’s most popular music festivals! See wild, free ranging bison as well as being inspired in the same way the many musicians and artisans are that find their way to Ness Creek every year!

"Life in the Biosphere" Tour

pelicansCome and enjoy the saline Redberry Lake and its surrounding 112,200 hectares of aspen parkland with natural prairie, seasonal ponds and marshes, amazing skies, sunsets and Northern Lights, with a vast variety of birds and wildlife and a rich heritage.

Take a Ride on the Wild Side!

ride-wild-sideThis is a true North American Safari on the Wild West Side of Prince Albert National Park. In addition to viewing the wild, free ranging bison, you may also encounter wolves, elk, moose, deer, bears and countless birds and waterfowl. Learn to live with the land while being assured that supper, good friends and a starry sky are waiting for you back at camp!